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Hi! We are Jaime, Charleston and Joshua, just a family crew of three behind Ginger & Cacao Cake Artistry Shop. While my husband is the IT brain behind all the techy stuff like writing scripts in languages completely foreign to me, our son Joshua gets involved testing silicone moulds and counting stock (I admit I pass it off as play time with mummy, but you know work-life-balance and all).

I've loved baking since my childhood and eventually trained as a pastry chef in 2012. Part of the charm of baking I've always found was in the sourcing of tools and equipment and I am guilty of amassing a mountain of them over the years. When Covid struck and everything sort of went up in the air, I started thinking about what else we could do alongside our home-based patisserie that had taken a hit. Somewhere in the back of my head was also an interest in the idea of an import/export business albeit one of a small scale. We discussed it, agreed to give it ago and got to work doing endless research over months, finding manufacturers/suppliers, building a shop attached to Ginger & Cacao and then a completely stand-alone website.

During this journey, I realised that I didn't want to be just a supplier of tools and equipment. I wanted us to be curators of tools and equipment that will allow the makers to create the most beautiul and delicious cakes and patisserie; essentially to create something edible that is art and vice versa. I poured over pages and pages of catalogues from suppliers, sometimes late into the night to select only the items I would love to use or could imagine creating something beautiful from. I hope you will love our selection too. Thank you for shopping with us and for supporting a small business.

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